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Look! A flying saucer with a nosebleed!


*cracks his knuckles* Okay... time to critique this banquet of BBW buffoonery! First off, let me compliment your strong color choice. T...

Stacky's on the job! What's she wearing? 

622 deviants said Blouse and skirt! Do I really need to explain why this is awesome?!
618 deviants said Business pantsuit! Swollen curves in a button down world? YSPLZ!
426 deviants said NUDE! Stacky's OBVIOUSLY working in construction.
222 deviants said Jeans and a T-Shirt/Coveralls. Stacky's OBVIOUSLY working in construction.


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happening tonight. No mic at first, but we'll see where the night goes.
New Big Innings


Meridith McGypsy squinted under the brim of her baseball cap, watching the white dot sail up and away, seeming to hang in the sky for a few seconds before plummeting back to Earth.

 "Too center-field," she harrumphed to herself as she bent down to the large bucket of baseballs by her feet. "Easy pop-out." She tossed the plucked baseball into the air, set her feet, and squared her shoulders.


 Again she observed. This one threaded nicely between the usual right and center field positions, pretty far, too.  If it didn't go over the fence it'd surely hit it on the bounce.  A double at least, maybe even a homer if the outfield wasn't really on its game. Meridith bent down to fetch another ball from the bucket.


 Meridith's shoulders sagged for a moment, hand still in the bucket. She'd felt more than heard the seam pop, and as she stood up she tucked her bat under an armpit so she could reach back and feel for the damage. Her fingers traced over the back of her perennially tight denim shorts, searching for the damage. With hips wider than her shoulders, toned but still plush and soft, it was a lot of ground to cover, but she found it eventually. The threads had thankfully come apart, revealing a dense cage of white threads instead of an actual hole that a clean tear would have left.

Satisfied it wasn't an embarrassing enough wardrobe malfunction to  force her to return home, Meridith continued with her batting practice.


"There we go!" She said triumphantly, watching what was a for-sure homer head for the park's treeline. It was a nice balance to the consternation she'd felt over yet another pair of jean shorts ripping. 

   Meridith was just getting ready to toss the next baseball in the air when her long brown ears twitched. Tilting her head to lift the cup of her velvet-furred ear towards the noise, she could hear faint talking and rustling of grass.  She turned her head, seeing through the chain-link dugout a group of men walking purposely towards the diamond.


   "Bleh, foul,"  She muttered as she got another ball out.  Focus, she thought, keep your head in the game.  She took a deep breath in through her nose, ignoring the tightness in her chest.  Her raglan shirt might have had more slack in it than her tortured shorts, but with breasts the size hers were, every garment remotely fit for exercise clung to the squishy melons and made the front hem ride up above her navel. Each bigger than her head and only recently grown to their enormous size, they were a constant reminder of her family's odd heritage. But she banished those thoughts from her head as she exhaled, focusing only on the airborne baseball.


    Meridith managed a handful more swings before the team of men got close enough to call out to her.

    "Heyyyy~!" The man in front called out, waving a catcher's-mitted glove at her. "Can you move, please?  We've got practice!"

    "Ugh... Can I finish my bucket?" She called back, tapping the blue plastic tub with the end of her bat after fishing out another ball.

    "Hey, look, it's obvious you know-"


    "-what you're doing, so you probably know how things work in this park. Women's team gets Mondays and Tuesdays, little leagues on Wednesdays, and men's team Thursdays and Fridays."

    Meridith "hmph"-ed. "Well, I'm not on any of those teams, so I guess your little baseball treaty-"


    "-Doesn't apply,"  She said, resting the bat on her shoulder while the other hand rested on her hip.

    The men had made their way around the fence, congregating in the space between the pitcher's mound and shortstop. The catcher in the blue cap, whom Meridith guessed was the leader given how the others congregated around and behind him, stood there for a second, appraising her.

    "Well why not join the women's team?" He asked. "Obviously you can hit at the very least."

    "I did," Meridith said, taking the bat off her shoulder and whapping home plate with it a few times. "For all of two days. They said I didn't 'fit in'."

    "Fit in what, the uniforms?" A gum-chewing man said, earning a few audible chuckles from his teammates.

    "Ugh, yes, crap like that," Meridith said, shaking her head.  She took her red cap off and wiped the sweat from her brow with her forearm, only to find that the team was staring at her with an expression quite apart from lust. "...What?"  She finally demanded, having a pretty good idea what the response would be.

    "You... those...  I thought the ears were some kinda novelty hat," The catcher said. "And were those... horns?"

    "Wait, you're that McGypsy girl, right?"  The gum chewer said, pointing to Meridith.  "I heard they'd moved into livestock but I didn't think they were starting so close to home!"

    "Dammit Dave, not cool," The catcher said, who was obviously suppressing a giggle even as he admonished the gum-chewing Dave. Several of Dave's teammates were having less luck suppressing their chuckles and laughs, if they'd been trying at all.

    "What? Look at the SIZE of those things, Alex! You'd think she'd have stuck to a sport like soccer, where at least it'd only use parts below the waist. Though I guess she still needs to see the damn ball."

    "Dave!" Alex snapped, slugging his teammate on the shoulder and bringing the laughter to a stop. "Look, I'm-" He started, before he saw Meridith's face.

    If looks could kill, Dave would have been six feet under. The ears, the horns, the prodigious bustline and over-developed hips, they were all from an accident at her parents' farm. Meredith had always known her father and mother- Notta and Hardliah McGypsy- operated slightly outside the bounds of reality, but she'd been very careful not to mess with any "work materials", at least since she'd let her curiosity get the better of her when she was 10 and wound up with permanently aqua-blue hair.  The farm they'd purchased earlier in the year had been a different case, though; without any sort of warning they'd brought their extraworldly products to it, Meridith had been eager to taste the first few bottles of the milk they'd gotten from the cows she'd had to help pen, feed, clean, and milk. It had taken her a few months to get used to the growths and changes the reality-defying milk had caused her, and even now she sometimes bumped into things with her expanded curves, but she refused to let it be a handicap.

    Meridith stared for a moment before settling back into the batter's box. She dug her heels in, literally, and leaned her weight on bat. She barked a challenge to the offending team, "You guys need to practice, right? I was going to go home and let you, but now you've got my hackles up,"  She said, kicking the bucket of balls towards the pitcher's mound. "See this box? I'm not moving unless one of you can put the ball past me. So long as it's in the strike zone, I should still be able to see it."

    This last part was dripping with as much sarcasm as she could manage. It took every ounce of self control she possessed not to just take the bat to Dave's knees, but she figured this was a better course of action.

    "Oh come on, we don't have to put up with this," Dave said, gesturing to Meridith  "Just make her move."

    "Nuh-uh," Alex replied, shaking his head. "You're the one that teased her, you make her move."

    "Uh..."  Dave said, looking behind him, his teammates shrinking back from his gaze as he looked around.

    "Come on, guys, it's just a girl," Dave said. "There's eight of us."

    "Yeah ok Dave, you first." came a voice from the back of the team.


* * *

It was ten pitches before they stopped bothering keeping a catcher behind her. It was twenty-five more when they substituted pitchers. Forty after that, pausing only for an argument about whether a high foul tip counted as "getting the ball past her", the pitcher was the only one who stayed in the infield.


"Well, that was a hundred!" Meridith called out, putting her bat down to roll some of the tension out of her shoulders until she realized how much bouncing and squishing it was causing in her bosoms. "Give up yet?"

"Never!" Dave yelled back as he threw a small pile of balls back to the pitcher. "It's a matter of honor now!"

Several of the other team members gave confirmative shouts, some more lively than others.

They lasted thirty more pitches.

"All right!"  Alex yelled from left field.  "Uncle!  that's it!"  He continued, waving his arms above his head as he walked infield.  "Yes, that's it!" He reiterated when two of the players began to protest.

Meridith's thighs, armpits, face and cleavage were soaked with sweat, but she kept a triumphal grin on her face as she stood in the batter's box, her bat held on the center of home plate like a conquistador's planted flag.

"Awesome!" She beamed. "Make sure and get all my balls together before you leave! Might find yours while you're at it!" She cackled.

"We're not leaving," Alex said as he approached home plate.

"Yes you are," Meridith replied, turning to square herself with him. "I won."

"Right, and so you get to keep practicing here...  with your team."

"What tea- wait, you want me to play for you guys?" She asked, eyebrows rising towards her horns in surprise.

"Play with, yeah," Alex said. "I mean, you got a piece of a hundred and thirty balls in a row.  That's astounding all by itself, if you can run or throw or catch worth a damn it'd be stupid not to ask you."

"Whoa, whoa, wait what? Who's joining what now?" The pitcher asked as he approached the plate, the rest of the outfielders trickling in behind him.

"Well hey, we're short one, right?" Alex said, half turning so he could address the teammates and Meridith at the same time. "Manny, you saw the x-rays Justin posted pics of from the hospital- When Kevin fell off the houseboat he turned his tibia into a dropped floor tile. He's out the whole season for sure."

"But isn't there a-"

"Women's team that cut her because they're retarded?  Yeah.  Their loss, our gain."

Alex turned fully back to Meridith, tucking his mitt under his other arm. "So whaddaya say?" he asked, extending his hand. "Want in?"

Meridith looked at the hand for a second like it was a winning lottery ticket. "Wh- well, yeah!" She exclaimed, grabbing it and shaking hard. She was on a team again! A team full of guys, maybe, but a team! That means she could play in the local league!

"Great!"  Alex said, smiling.  "Now get the hell off the batter's box, because it's obvious you don't need any more practice there.  Get a glove and see how second base treats you." 

A combo between :iconthefwank: and myself, bringing the latest of McGypsies to life. ENJOY, and let us know what ya think!
happening tonight. No mic at first, but we'll see where the night goes.


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